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The 5 Most Popular Cafe Sweets of 2021

A pile of Portuguese Tarts in the cake display at Four Leaves Food Store in Rosanna Melbourne

The 5 most popular cafe sweets of 2021 list contains a few surprises. What’s not a surprise is that they are sugar-filled, more-ish and house-made from quality ingredients.

In 2021 when many of us visited our local cafe multiple times a week, some multiple times a day, our tastes fluctuated with our moods. As the shock of 2020 became the year of home-delivered alcohol, 2021 shaped up differently, as we all tried to maintain our shape.

Wine has been the big driver of the increase as Australians stuck at home, and without the usual options for domestic or international travel over the last 18 months, have turned to local activities for comfort and entertainment.

Cafe Sweets and Meals

While we chose to stay local and frequent our neighborhood cafes, our eating habits moved from just coffee pickup, to food consumption. Most Melbourne cafes have a variety of dining options, both on-site and takeaway, and patrons availed themselves of these choices.

Cafe sweets featured largely in diners’ selections.

So what cafe sweets made the most popular list for 2021? Coming in as a clear winner was Portuguese Tarts. The most popular cafe sweets list was then rounded out by muffins, macaroons, fruit tartlets and choc-caramel slice.

Portuguese Tarts are the Most Popular Cafe Sweet for 2021

Not surprising for those of us in the industry is this winner. Portuguese Tarts were favoured by the majority and sold-out as quickly as they are baked. Fresh, creamy, vanilla bean-infused baked custard, encased in flaky pastry was a treat too good to resist.

The beauty of Portuguese Tarts is that, while sweet, they are not cloyingly so, and the small portion size meant you could enjoy your cake and eat it too!

What else was a Popular Cafe Sweet for 2021?

Rounding out the list of most popular cafe sweets included house-made muffins, macaroons, fruit tartlets and choc-caramel slice.

Muffins continue to make the list of popular cafe sweets each year. Many smaller cafes who hold minimal stock, have muffins as part of their select range. A properly-made muffin includes a batter much like the consistency of drop-cookie dough, baked until golden, and then dusted with icing sugar. Served warm and tender, these classic treats are hard to beat.


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